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How does our reverse email lookup works?

Here we would like to provide some clarity on how does our reverse email lookup works. This explanation involves a detailed overview of how our data enrichment software functions.

Phase 1: Gathering Comprehensive Information from the Email

The initial phase is pivotal. Here, our objective is to extract as much data as possible from the provided email. This step is crucial for the effectiveness of the subsequent phases. By leveraging our OSINT-based data retrieval algorithms, we gather various data points about the individual linked to the email. This includes their surname, first name, educational background, and country of residence. It's important to note that all the data we collect is publicly available online.

Phase 2: Locating the Individual's Social Profiles

With a substantial amount of information accumulated in Phase 1, our next step is to identify the individual's social profiles, particularly their LinkedIn profile. This phase involves cross-referencing the initially collected data with information from similar profiles to ascertain a high confidence rate, indicating a strong data similarity. We exercise caution here; if there's a risk of a false positive—identifying an incorrect profile—we opt not to return any data. We understand the potential repercussions of integrating incorrect data into your systems.

Step 3: Data Extraction from the Verified Social Profile

Upon establishing a high confidence level that we've identified the correct social profile, our final step involves extracting all available data from this profile. We then send this information back to you, either in JSON format for API integration or as a CSV file for list enrichment purposes.

This thorough process ensures both accuracy and reliability in the data we provide, aligning with our commitment to delivering quality insights.

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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