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How to connect Hubspot and Reverse Contact with Zapier?

Connecting HubSpot and Reverse Contact via Zapier allows you to effortlessly automate workflows between these services. We've prepared a detailed guide to walk you through the process step by step. Here’s how you can get started:

1- Navigate to

2- Click "Create Zap"

3- Click the "Search…" field.

4- Select Hubspot Trigger

5- Click on the Event field.

6- Click on the triggers you need. Here, we'll enrich all new contacts in Hubspot with a "New Contact" event.

7- Click "Continue"

8- Connect your Hubspot account and click on Continue

9- Click "Continue"

10- Click "Test trigger"

11- Click "Continue"

12- Add a new step and use "Reverse Contact" action in Zapier

13- Choose the "Find Profile" action.

14- Click "Continue"

15- Connect Reverse Contact with "Sign in"

16- In a new tab, you can find your API key by navigating to

17- Click "GET MY API KEY"

18- Press cmd + c

19- Copy and paste your API here and click "Yes, Continue to Reverse Contact."

20- Click "Continue"

21- Click on email address field.

22- Click "Contact information: Email" of your Hubspot Trigger

23- Click "Continue"

24- Click "Test action."

25- Now we have to add a new action step to update the enriched contact.

26- Click "HubSpot"

27- Select event "Update a Contact in HubSpot."

28- Click "Continue"

29- Click "Continue"

30- Click here.

31- Click "1. New Contact in HubSpot"

32- Select ID (contact ID)

33- Now you can update your contact with the enriched field from Reverse Contact, for example we will update the "Last Name" here:

34- Click "2. Find Profile in Reverse Contact"

35- Click "Person Last Name"

💡 You can see that there are "line items" in the Reverse Contact data return via Zapier (line values separated by a comma). If you wish to select only one item from a line item, you can do so via a Zapier "Format" action. Here's a tutorial:

36- You can update as many fields as you want. Here is an example with the current company name:

37- Click "2. Find Profile in Reverse Contact"

38- Click Reverse Contact "Company Name"

39- Here is another example with "Company Website Url."

40- Here is another example with "Company Industry."

41- Once you have mapped all your fields, you can click on "Continue."

42- Then "Test action"

43- Once it is tested and you've verified that the contact is now enriched with a new field in, you can click on "Publish"

Well done! You have successfully connected Reverse Contact to Hubspot with Zapier! 🎉

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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