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How to Connect Salesforce and Reverse Contact with Zapier?

Connecting Salesforce and Reverse Contact via Zapier allows you to automate workflows between these services effortlessly. We've prepared a detailed guide to walk you through the process step by step. Here’s how you can get started:

1- Navigate to

2- Click "Create Zap"

3- Click the "Search…" field.

4- Type "salesforce"

5- Click "Salesforce"

6- Click the "*EventRequired" field.

7- Choose your event, here is "New Record".

8- Click "Continue"

9- Click "Sign in"

10- Click here.

11- Click on the environment; I advise you to first test with a sandbox account.

12- Click "Yes, Continue to Salesforce"

13- Login to Salesforce

14- If credentials are wrong, try using your custom Salesforce domain.

15- Click on Allow to allow Zapier to read and write on Salesforce

16- Click "Continue"

17- Click "Choose value…"

18- Click on "Contact"

19- Click "Continue"

20- Click "Test trigger"

21- Click "Continue"

22- Create a new action step and choose "Reverse Contact."

23- Click the "Event" field.

24- Click on Find Profile.

25- Click "Continue"

26- If you never sign in to Reverse Contact on Zapier, you have to sign in with the "Sign In" button. A window appears to connect with your Reverse Contact API key that you can find here:

27- Click "Continue"

28- Click on the Email Address field.

29- Select the Email in the Salesforce trigger step

30- Click here.

31- Click "Continue"

32- Click "Test action"

33- Click "Close"

34- Now we enriched via Reverse Contact the email, we will update the contact in Salesforce

35- Click "Salesforce"

36- Click the Event field.

37- Click on Update Contact.

38- Click "Continue"

39- Click "Continue"

40- Click "Record to Update"

41- Click "Custom"

42- Click "1. New Record in Salesforce"

43- Click the contact "ID"

44- Now, you can update as many fields as you want. Example with Last Name here:

45- Click "2. Find Profile in Reverse Contact"

46- Click "Person Last Name"

💡 You can see that there are "line items" in the Reverse Contact data return via Zapier (line values separated by a comma). If you wish to select only one item from a line item, you can do so via a zapier "Format" action. Here's a tutorial:

47- Example with First Name here:

48- Click "2. Find Profile in Reverse Contact"

49- Click "Person First Name"

50- Example with Job Title here:

51- Click "2. Find Profile in Reverse Contact"

52- Type "job"


54- Type "location"

55- Once you set all the field you need, you can click on "Continue"

56- Click "Test action"

57- Click "Close"

Now, as Reverse Contact send person (contact in salesforce) data but also company (account in salesforce) data, we will see how to update Account properties.

58- Click here to add a new action step

59- Click "Salesforce"

60- Click the "Event" field.

61- Click on Update Record.

62- Click "Continue"

63- Click "Continue"

64- Click "Choose value…"

65- Click "Account"

66- Click "Record to Update"

67- Click "Custom"

68- Click "1. New Record in Salesforce"

69- Click on the "Account Id"

70- Now we can update Account properties with Reverse Contact data. Here is an example to update the Account Name:

71- Click here.

72- Click "Company Name"

73- Here an exemple to update Billing City:

74- Click "2. Find Profile in Reverse Contact"

75- Type "headquar"

76- Click here.

77- Here an example to update Billing Country:

78- Type "headquar"

79- Click "Company Headquarter Country"

80- Here is an example of updating Billing State/Province:

81- Click the "Search all available fields" field.

82- Click "Company Headquarter Geographic Area"

83- Here is an example to update the Website:

84- Click "2. Find Profile in Reverse Contact"

85- Click Company Website Url

86- Here an example to update Employees count:

87- Click "2. Find Profile in Reverse Contact"

88- Click "Company Employee Count"

89- Once you set all the field you want to update, click on Continue

90- Click "Test action"

91- And then click on "Publish"!

Well done, you have connected Reverse Contact and Salesforce data via Zapier 🎉

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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